We jump out of bed each day to bring Solutions to the Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) Market (Hardware and Reseller Software Products and Services) and to the Enterprise Market (Superannuation Scheme Management Software and Payment Gateway Software)

In the SME space, a Systems Integrator is only as good as the Products and Services that can be provisioned on time, on budget and with the least amount of risk. The Team at Holistec have thought hard about how to achieve these outcomes for our Customers. We have decided to be Broad but Specific - let us explain:

SME Broad
We have a broad Solution offering that includes servers, desktops, notebooks, email, wireless, managed print, networking, disaster recovery, telephony, office software, failover Internet plus we develop our own software

SME Specific
Whilst our offering is broad, where we are different is that we have selected a single brand for each area and we have got really specific about being expert in that one brand. That translates into less risk faster implementations for you!

The following are our preferred Brands for our various Business Units:

Our Enterprise Hyperconverged Infrastructure Business:

Our SME Hardware Business:

Our SME Reseller Software Business:

Our SME Hosting Business:

  • We host web sites, email servers and your applications in our local Wellington Data Centre
  • We host any application on Amazon AWS
  • We host any application on Microsoft Azure
  • Email - Office 365

Our Enterprise Software Business:

In summary, by being Broad but Specific we guarantee the products and services we provide for you can be provisioned on time, on budget and with the least amount of implementation risk

And lastly (just for no reason) - we use FreshBooks in-house (time-sheets and invoicing) and love it - try some for your business